Production of wedding rings

Klára is engaged in the production of custom wedding rings. This is not serial production, but an individual design tailored to each customer. During the meeting, you will choose whether you want rings made of silver, yellow, rose or white gold and your fingers will be measured. After the meeting, Klára will design a motif and prepare wax models for the next meeting. You will have an almost real idea of what the rings will look like and you will be able to try out the models on hand.

Here you can see what the process of making models looks like

A wax tube from which a ring with a given motif is formed by cutting, shaping, milling, heating, sawing or melting. The pipe is cut with a special wax saw. The ring is amorphous, so it must be sawed from both sides and the wax removed inside to achieve the desired size. Then proceed with a finer and finer roughness of the sandpaper to make the ring smooth. Subsequently, the modeled decor is “glued” or created directly on the hoop. pic. 1.
Here you can see the almost final product of the wax model, which will go for casting. It still remains to grind the model and smooth it to perfection so that there are no significant “scars” on the real ring. pic. 2.
Then he immediately travels to the goldsmith’s “alchemy” in the hands of a master for casting. The amazing feature of this wax is that it really conveys even the smallest details. pic. 3.
You will really try the models on your hands so that you have a completely clear idea of how you will live with it. pic. 4.
pic. 1.
pic. 2.
pic. 3.
pic. 4.
Once the rings are cast into the metal of your choice, they are cut again, sawed, sanded, polished to absolute perfection so that they can be rhodium-plated. pic.5.
And it is ground and polished. First, the graded roughness of the sandpaper from the coarsest to the finest. Only then can the high-speed polisher be switched on. Thanks to it and several different polishing wheels, I achieve a high gloss. pic.6.
This is what the rings look like after polishing and cleaning and before coating with a layer of Rhodia. This will cause a whiter color of gold and extend the protection against scratches .. pic. 7.
Before they can be placed in a rhodium bath, they must be perfectly ultrasonically cleaned, because polishing paste is used for polishing and the metal is dirty during polishing. pic. 8.
pic. 5.
pic. 6.
pic. 7.
pic. 8.
Here you see the finished rings, rhodium-plated. pic. 9.
Engravings and hallmarks must be made before rhodium so that the engravings and hallmarks inside have the same color as the surface of the ring. pic. 10.
pic. 9.
pic. 10.

Realization of wedding rings