Women’s cufflinks Bowpearls


Rhodium is a precious metal, significantly more expensive than gold. It is applied in a thin layer on the surface of jewelry. Mainly of silver and white gold. Rhodium-plated jewelry is far more durable, and even with everyday wear it will last you a long time without scratches. Unlike silver, rhodium also does not react when in contact with chemical elements in the air - simply put, it is black. So if you want silver jewelry to shine like new for a long time, not blacken and you don't have to clean it, always choose rhodium-plated. Therefore, we want to offer you the opportunity to have your purchased jewelry rhodium-plated.
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The Bowpearls collection is made by the silver method from silver. The real river pearl is covered with silver petals. The weight of silver Ag 925/1000 is 10 grams. The buttons have a swivel end for better fit in the shirt.

On request, it is possible to choose a smaller pearl and a smaller diameter of the flower.