Pulsatilla women’s cufflinks


Rhodium is a precious metal, significantly more expensive than gold. It is applied in a thin layer on the surface of jewelry. Mainly of silver and white gold. Rhodium-plated jewelry is far more durable, and even with everyday wear it will last you a long time without scratches. Unlike silver, rhodium also does not react when in contact with chemical elements in the air - simply put, it is black. So if you want silver jewelry to shine like new for a long time, not blacken and you don't have to clean it, always choose rhodium-plated. Therefore, we want to offer you the opportunity to have your purchased jewelry rhodium-plated.
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The main inspiration for this collection was the inconspicuous and currently critically endangered plant Pulsatilla or Koniklec. It was a challenge for the author to try to capture her essence. And not just the look.

This inconspicuous flower combines significant toxicity with beneficial healing effects. Moreover, its critical threat is reminiscent of today's society, in which traditional moral values ​​are declining. With my collection I would like to recall a time when the passerine was a common plant. Decency and moral principles were not a foul word, and people approached each other with respect and humility.

The buttons have a swivel end for better fit in the shirt. Buttons can be worn by both ladies and gentlemen. Ag 925/1000, weight 19, 79g. The size of the flower is 2cm.