Klára Bílá

Klára Bílá has been producing and designing jewelery from precious metals since 2013. Her love for jewelery met her long after she studied at Charles University. She graduated with a master’s degree in Culturology. She did not study goldsmithing or any specialized art school. She learned all the techniques herself. She is inspired by key events in life and the beauty of nature.

Jewelry is Klára’s passion. Just as some are obsessed with the devil, she is obsessed with the magic of jewelry! In its offer you will find rings, bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces and wedding rings absolutely tailored. It will make you absolutely unique from jewelry wax, which will be yours alone. Jewelry was also popular with Czech personalities. She created wedding rings for actors Sasha Rašilov or for actresses Veronika Arichtev, Vlastina Kounická or presenter Kateřina Kristelová.

In 2018, Klára placed in the finals of the Woman of the Year competition and won the Businesswoman of the Year competition. The technique that Klára uses is the lost wax method. It is a method of casting. It is so named because the mold is destroyed after casting. The method of production by casting is chosen mainly for products of complex shapes, which cannot be produced in any other way (eg by machining or welding). Klára produces jewelry that does not have to have a complex shape using the classic goldsmith’s method. Sheets and wires are cut, rolled, profiled. Then they fly together and continue to shape. Grinding and polishing is then common and the same for both methods.

The standard time of jewelry production ranges from two days to one week. It depends on whether the jewelry is cast or just welded. However, the average processing time does not exceed one week. Only for wedding rings and custom production is the time longer. There, count about a month to produce. You can also have all the jewelry that Klára has on offer in gold. We will send the price on request.

Registration with the hallmarking office under number 12085.
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