Jewelry maintenance

Caring for gold and silver jewelry

First of all, we recommend having the purchased jewelry rhodium-plated. We offer this service and you can buy it in our e-shop, here.

The new jewelry is beautiful, glittering, without scratches and deformations. To be so even after months and years of wearing, it requires care. It’s simple, just follow a few basic tips.

    • Use detergents to clean the jewelry. There is a large selection of special cloths, solutions or creams made just for cleaning jewelry.
  • Store jewelry during housework, sports, showering and at night.
  • Protect them from shocks, contact with hard objects, chemicals, cosmetics and aggressive cleaning agents.
  • The principle applies: wear the jewelry last, but remove it first when you return home.
  • Hair spray, perfume or human sweat are hostile to jewelry.
  • Do not bring jewelry to the pool, sauna or the sea.
  • Avoid water if the stones on your jewelry are glued.

Jewelry cleaning

Jewelry can be cleaned in several ways. The easiest is polishing with a special cloth. Especially with fine jewelry or chains, it is necessary to clean with feeling. Also watch out for silver jewelry, which is soft and could easily be damaged by the force applied.

If you need to clean your jewelry more thoroughly, you can use chemical cleaners, which are sold in the form of baths or foam. When using them, always follow the instructions on the product packaging. Not every cleaner is suitable, for example, for jewelry with pearls or with glued stones.

There is an amazing cleansing bath from Hagerta for silver jewelry.
Na zlaté šperky má firma Hagerty speciání lázeň, která má jednoduché použití.

Blackening (oxidation) of jewelry

Blackening or oxidation affects most jewelry. Especially silver jewelry oxidizes over time, while it is matte and black. This is a natural process. This does not mean that the jewelry material is of poor quality. High humidity or an acidic environment (eg skin pH) accelerates oxidation.

Gold blackening occurs only in exceptional cases, most often when specific drugs are used by their wearer. Unfortunately, children’s earrings made of yellow gold are more often blackened, when the metal is not protected by rhodium and reacts with children’s sweat. In the event that this happens, we recommend purchasing white gold jewelry, or expect more frequent cleaning.

Home cleaning of silver or grandmother’s advice

  1. Wrap the jewelry in foil and pour one sachet of baking powder into it.
  2. Put in a porcelain bowl or cup, pour hot water.
  3. Insert a small hole into the foil with a needle. This will start a chemical reaction.
  4. Leave the jewelry in the brine for about ten hours, then rinse with cold water and allow to dry.
Caution: This method is only suitable for pure silver.

If you do not want to clean your jewelry this way, you will buy a silver and gold cleaner in every drugstore. Dip jewelry that does not contain a pearl into it and then rinse with water.